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The proprietors of LJP Student Rooms - Swansea are a local family and also own the following businesses in Swansea and Cardiff.

LJ Perrin Engineering is a local Swansea engineering firm that has been trading for more than 30 years.


LJ Perrin Engineering supplies the following services throughout South Wales and the United Kingdom.

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) is a drone services company headquartered in Cardiff.

DTA has been operating since 2104 and frequently conducts drone services for surveying and inspections in the Swansea area.

Business Directories and Websites listing the LJP-Student-Rooms website

Websites where we advertise our available student houses and student rooms for rent


LJP Student Rooms

LJP Student Rooms is a family run concern and has been operating as a student landlord in Swansea for >20 years.


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